Meet Jill

September 10, 2018

Meet Jill, a knitter and spinner from the DC area who balances life as a crafter and a nurse anesthetist. I hope you love today's episode! Here are links to everything Jill and I talk about on the episode today:

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Summer Break

June 12, 2018

Hey, everyone! I made a decision for summer break and thought I would tell you about it. See you in September!

Meet Will

May 29, 2018

Meet Will, a knitter from Las Vegas who has learned to love knitting, even in the heat. You can find all the show notes by clicking this link. Enjoy!

Meet Pam

May 22, 2018

Meet Pam, a knitter from Raleigh, North Carolina with a passion for helping small fiber businesses move forward. You can find everything Pam and I talk about by clicking this link.

Meet Cathy

May 15, 2018

Meet Cathy, a knitter from the Detroit area who loves machine knitting. You can visit to see everything Cathy and I talked about on today's episode. Thank you to FiberCrafty for sponsoring the episode today!

Meet Greg

May 8, 2018

Meet Greg, a knitter from North Carolina with a very special fiber beginning. Unfortunately the second of this episode was lost due to technical difficulties, but I hope you enjoy the first half. 

Meet Holli

April 25, 2018

Meet Holli, a knitter from the Boston area who is working on her Master Knitter certification. Today's episode is brought to you by The Woolly Thistle. Let The Woolly Thistle do the international shipping so you don't have to! You can find shownotes for today's episode by clicking this link.

Meet Kerry

April 17, 2018

Meet Kerry, a traveling physical therapist with a love of yarn and the outdoors. You can find shownotes for this episode by Clicking This Link. Thank you for listening!

Meet Brittany

April 10, 2018

Meet Brittany, a knitter and spinner from an island off of the coast of Seattle. To see shownotes for this episode, click on this link. Thank you for listening!

Meet Sherrill

April 2, 2018

Meet Sherrill, an avid spinner and machine knitter from Washington. You can find all of the links we chat about on this episode by Clicking This Link. A special thank you to The Woolly Thistle for sponsoring today's episode! Enjoy!